How to downgrade firmware?

If you want to degrade from Beta firmware to the lower version firmware, follow the steps as below:

First, please unlock the degrade limit of your camera's firmware.

Use the Pro PC(1.3.0 version or above) to connect to the current camera.

When the camera is connected, open “Camera settings” and click "Unlock firmware degrade" under the camera icon. Once unlocked, the camera's firmware can be updated to any version via regular updating.

How to upgrade firmware with booting?

(1) Please make sure that battery is not lower than 30% and is connected to power adapter. The camera may be booted by pressing "POWER" key under the power-off state.

(2) Insert SD card that has the latest version of firmware into the camera.

Notice: please make sure that you have deleted the previous firmware bin file, and keep the file name (Insta360_Pro_Update.bin) of newly downloaded firmware unchanged; otherwise the system may not be able to automatically identify the latest firmware and thus cannot upgrade regularly.

(3) Restart the camera after finishing all preparations mentioned above; then the camera will enter upgrading stage to upgrade the firmware. Once the work has completed, it will restart again.

(4) You can click "Info” in setting to check the version of your camera and Pro Serial Number.

As the Beta firmware is still under test, we hope that you can understand there may exist some bugs or problems. Please use them with caution and not for important purposes.

If you have any questions or encounter any problems during usage, feel free to contact us via