Stitching Box Tutorial

This function needs to connect Stitcher directly to insta360 Pro. The camera will stitch the tasks and save them to SD card once they are completed, which will not affect computer's performance. 

(1) Please connect the camera in Stitcher under the "stitching box" panel.

(2) After successfully connection, files from the camera's SD/USB hard drive will be shown. Add files to the list to be stitched. The stitching will be completed within Insta360 Pro hardware, which will not occupy space or affect computer's performance.

(3) Stitching Box (stitching within camera) now only supports fundamental functions including stitching of photos (except for Raw) and videos. Other functions such as optical flow interpolation and super resolution can now be used only on the computer via stitching software. These new functions will gradually be added to Stitching Box through future updates.

The following video will be a tutorial in details teaching your how to use stitching box: