The Insta360 Pro can now produce 12K images using the burst function in 8K resolution. This function was developed to enhance the quality of still shooting. For best results, please use this function in a setting where movement is limited. This will diminish the possibility of moving objects creating undesirable stitching effects or shadows. 


(1) Place the selected still burst photos in to Insta360 Stitcher. The "Super Resolution" option will appear in the sidebar on the right.

(2) After the selection confirmation, the original highest 8K resolution will increase by two grades, 8.2K for the best GearVR effect and another 12K. The default SR is 8.2K.

(3) Save the intended value in "super resolution setting". Create a task to export (original photos being the 8K bursts), and one 12K resolution photo will be produced.

Compared to the 8K original image on the left, the 12K super resolution image on the right show details with greater sharpness. This viewing perspective is close to that users see in headset.

With the image enlarged and the resolution boost to 700%, the 8K image on the left appear the mosaic phenomenon, while the 12K super resolution image on the right still retains clear with sharpness despite being zoomed in.

Tips: To attain the best super resolution image results, please make sure photos be taken in stationary. The more static the camera stays during shooting, the more clear the image will be. It has been proved that photo shot in an environment with minimal interruptive movement will achieve great image quality.

Check out the following demonstration video: