When using Pro 200 Beta firmware to shoot and go live, the image color of different lens might be different.


                                                                                          example of chromatism between different lens

If you come across this problem, you can solve by following the instructions below:

1. Update your camera firmware to 201 or higher version.

2. Connect the camera via WiFi on App(1.1.1) or higher version or on PC (1.3.1). Turn off the indicator light in camera setting,  or set "LED" as "OFF" in the camera menu. 

3. Enter 'Low light chromatism calibration' in camera setting.

4. Then, put Pro in suitcase or box to keep it away from any light. Please make sure you see total black in preview, then click the calibration button below and wait for the calibration.


5. The calibration will complete in 2 min. If the calibration succeed, color deviation of different screen can be corrected. If the calibration fails, please check whether the Pro is kept away from light and try again.