Using H2N and SSD together on V203 Firmware

When using the latest firmware (v203), if you need to use both SSD and H2N while recording, please use an USB Hub 3.0 and pay attention to the order of connecting these devices.

1.    Power on the camera, connect to camera control app. Enter preview interface to ensure it's able to acquire image.

2.    Please firstly connect the USB hub with Pro.

3. Then connect other device, and make sure that your connect H2N at last. Please notice that H2N needed to be boot and set before connection.


Hi Jan, we have tsted again but didn't reproduce the problem, what's your work flow of plugging SSD and H2N? Also, can you please have a try without the USB hub? thanks!

@insta360_support, It is app version 1.2.1 and yes i tried with usb-hub attached. I dit not try it without hub, cause the ssd is crucial for me. But i can remember, that former tests without ssd brought some for me unidentifiable problems (sometimes connected sometimes not) so i decided to record to the h2n itself and sync later, which is some additional work to do.

@jan-raiber_10460 Hi Jan, id you use the USB hub or connect the H2N with pro directly? also, can you please let us  know which version of app re you using?

This only works in Preview-Mode. If you leave the preview mode and come in again, you have to disconnect and reconnect the H2N. This is not very usefull. Because there are often situations, where you have to restart the preview. 

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