Requirements on Computer Configuration to Run Stitcher

CPU: CPU for i7 6700K or higher performance

Memory: 8GB or larger

Graphics card: GTX980 or graphics card of higher performance such as NVIDIA, AMD graphics card. (Please update your graphics card driver to the latest version. If you use NVIDIA graphics card, please make sure it supports CUDA 10 or higher version)

Hard disk: it is recommended to use a solid state drive

Operating system: it is recommended to use Windows 8, OSX 10.10 or higher system

For computers with configuration lower than the above standards, they can run the software but might encounter some problems. Try to use a computer that reaches the above standards.

Hi Insta can u confirm what is the maximum number of cores that the insta360 stitcher can use? I.m wondering if theres any point to buying one of the new cpus which have many cores eg threadripper by amd or the intel equivalent


I am an apple user and wondering which specific desktop Mac you recommend and which laptop mac you recommend that will support all features of your stitching software?

Hi there, when I run the hardware test, it tells me:

  • hardware encoder is not capable of encoding 3840x3840
  • hardware encoder is not capable of encoding 3840x1920
  • hardware decoder is not capable of decoding 3840x3840

I figured from this that I won't be able to create anything 4K or greater, but if I Set the resolution to 8K and hit "Stitch Now" (I'm creating some monoscopic 360 photos), Stitcher seems to process the files with no issue. Is it producing 360 photos in 8K, despite failing the hardware test? Or does Stitcher default to what your computer hardware can handle?


Hi, as far as we know, right now the hardware encoding/ decoding doesn't support resolution higher than 4K because of the limitation of GPU , we have found GPU that support hardware endoing 4K and above yet, you can check it with GPU manufacturer like NVIDIA 🙂

Can the 'Hardware Test' run before stitching be explained in more detail ?

I have an Apple Mac Pro with following specifications apparently above the minimum requirements above for the current Insta360 STITCHER (OSX v1.7.0) but Hardware Test says it cannot encode 4Kx4K video.

Mac Pro, 8 CORE 2.8GHZ (2008), 20GB RAM, 5.8TB HDD, ATI Radeon HD 5770, EL Capitan OSX 10.11.

With Thanks.


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