When using third-party software to stitch videos , what can I do when notice pop up prompting the failure to stitch due to different frame rate? Import videos to Stitcher, fix and right to fix videos' frame rate.

Each set of videos consist of original mp4 videos shot by six fisheye lenses of Pro. Apart from using Insta360 Stitcher, you can also stitch these videos with software such as AutoPano Video, VideoStitch and MistikaVR.

However, when using these software, sometimes notice will pop up, prompting that the framerate of original videos to be stitched are inconsistent, which cannot be stitched together.

About the reasons, old version firmware of Pro might have the problem of producing inaccurate video timestamps during recording, which might cause inconsistency of framerate of different original videos (Actually, the video data is all complete).

To solve the problems, you can import the folder of the original videos you shot into insta360 Stitcher. Right-click the folder and select the frame rate fixing function. This function can fix and inaccurate timestamps to make sure the frame rate of original videos are consistent. Also, the original image quality won't be affected.

Once the fixing completed, export the new video materials and import them into the third-party stitching software and they can now be stitched.