Historical versions of Pro Stitcher

Insta360 Pro Stitcher v1.5.0

1. Customers can register on Insta360 Pro forum to follow the up to date info about Pro, including regular announcements, tutorials and more.

2. Video that doesn't meet Google Street View standards will be automatically filtered out during upload.

3. Fixed bugs.

Download link:

(Windows) https://static.insta360.com/so...

(Mac) https://static.insta360.com/so...

Insta360 Pro Stitcher v1.4.2 Beta

1. Fixed bugs of screen flashing after toning for video on some devices. 

2. Fixed wrong gps location when uploading content to Google Street View. 

3. Added options of baseline, main and high for profile setting after choosing H264 encoding scheme. 

4. Added option of applying the first content's central view when stitching pictures in batch.

Download link:

(Windows) https://static.insta360.com/so...

(Mac) https://static.insta360.com/so...

Insta360 Pro Stitcher v1.4.0 Beta

1. When previewing the stitching output, you can now adjust the color and customize various parameters to save as re-usable templates. 
2. StitchingBox supports stitching and exporting RAW photos.
3. You can now upload 360 content to Google Maps Street View via the "File" menu.
4. Fixes issue that caused jittering in the first frame of videos exported after gyro correction.
5. Fixes the occasional issue of exporting content with inaccurate GPS info.
6. Optimizes the perspective adjustment function while previewing stitching output.

Download link:

(Windows) https://static.insta360.com/so...

(Mac) https://static.insta360.com/so...

Update Details: https://bbs.insta360.com/topic...

Insta360 Pro Stitcher v1.3.0 Beta 

1. Function of exporting super high resolution photos added, it can stitch multiple burst photos into one with 4-pixel resolution.

2. Add the function of adjusting frame rate of export videos, which includes optical flow interpolation, exporting 30fps video with frame rate increased by two times.

3. Add the top stitching optimization function when preview the stitching effect.

4. Support uploading content to Google street view.

5. Add Stitching Box function, which can connect to the camera via "camera stitching". It uses camera firmware to stitch the content exported (this function needs to be supported by firmware v200, please wait for the firmware update).

6. Improved stitching performance.

Download link:

(Windows) https://static.insta360.com/so...

(Mac) https://static.insta360.com/so...

Update Details: https://bbs.insta360.com/topic...

Insta360 Pro Stitcher v1.2.2

1.  Upgrades and optimizes gyroscopic stabilization. 

2.  Fixes a bug that caused hardware decoding to fail.  

3.  Fixes a bug that caused stitching errors for files with invalid names. 

4.  Adds the usual improvements and optimizations.

Download link:

(Windows) http://static.insta360.com/sof...

(Mac) http://static.insta360.com/sof...

@jcfuller_42285 @m-gnodde_8978 

Here is an instruction about those new settings:

optical flow stitching range: adjust the area of the optical flow stitching, higher the value of the range, the stitching speed slower, the stitching effect better, the safe stitching distance closer. It's recommended to set it to maximum(20 for monoscopic, 16 for stereoscopic)
template stitching range: adjust the width of the stitching seam, increasing this value appropriately make the transition of seam smoother, but it might produce ghosting.
smooth stitch: eliminate chromatic aberration between lenses by the algorithm to keep the overall brightness and color of the image consistent.

We'll update a more detailed statement on the online users manual.


I am also very interested in having more specific information when updating Stitcher or firmware.


Hi there, thank you for asking, we'll update the document of 3.0 Stitcher in the Pro/Pro2 User Manual soon.

Is there some documentation about the 3.0 update? 

- What means the optical flow stitching range number? Is this in meters? And how about the template stitching range? A

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