Insta360 Pro Changelog

Insta360 Pro Firmware v207

1. Optimizes image quality of 6K 3D video.

2. Users can now set the photo shooting delay time in the camera settings menu.

3. Optimizes overall performance.

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Insta360 Pro Firmware v166 

1. Comprehensively upgrades image quality. 

2. Solves frame-drop problems. 

3. Upgrades manual white-balance control.

4. Routine bug fixes and improvements.

5. This firmware has the same function to v165. It is compatible to cameras manufactured in 2018.

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Insta360 Pro Firmware v206 Beta

1. Improves image quality.

2. Optimizes the effect of Timelapse.

3. Fixes the issue that camera screen occasionally stuck during recording preview.

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Update Details:

Insta360 Pro Firmware v204 Beta

1. Fixed the bug that LED light does not turn off under low light chromatism calibration.
2. With 204 or higher version of firmware, the exposure time can be set up to 180s.

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Function updates:
1. Fixed bugs based on 203 Beta, such as LED light does not turn off under low light chromatism calibration and lead to the yellowish screen after calibration.
2. With latest version of client application (1.3.3 or higher version of PC client or 1.1.3 or higher version of APP), the exposure time can be set up to 180s.
3. The Flat Color for this version is consistent with 165 firmware, which slightly differs from 203 Beta. If you have experienced Flat Color both on 203 Beta and 204 Beta, please send us your feedback about which version you prefer. This will greatly help us to improve the quality of our video and image.

Insta360 Pro Firmware v203 Beta

1. Supports connecting an H2N recorder to the USB port to record spatial sound. Please update H2N firmware to the latest version before use. 2. Corrected issue that prevented the Pro’s onboard display from turning off during low-light chromatism calibration. 3. Fixes occasional problem of frame loss during sustained video recording. 4. Improves system stability.

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Update Details:

Insta360 Pro Firmware v201 Beta

1. Fix the bug of lower brightness in actual photos than in preview when using 200 firmware. 
2. Support using the latest client version to set 3200K in White Balance.
3. After the storage device has been formatted, you can use it directly without inserting and unplugging the camera again.

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Update Details:

Firmware Upgrade/Downgrade Tutorial


* To use this firmware, please update the Pro APP/client to version 2.1.0 or higher.
1. HDR photo mode is updated to Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB) mode. You can now choose to shoot 3, 5, 7, 9 photos with different exposures to synthesize one HDR photo. Real-timing stitching on the camera is also supported now. When shooting in AEB mode, please avoid shooting moving objects, otherwise, the synthesizing effect might be affected.
2.Adds Delay Timer setting on camera menu.
3. GPS data is now saved in the pro.prj file when shooting Raw photo.

Live streaming supports rtmps.

June 2019; now we have 2.1.0 what are the changes?

Where can we find the new items?

Paul Martens

What is the changelog on 207? Where can I find information about this firmware update.


Where I can find the change log to older firmware updates 

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