Adobe Premiere Pro “No-Stitch” Editing Extension Available Now for Insta360 Pro Users


Insta360 today released its new Adobe Premiere Pro CC extension, allowing Insta360 Pro users to jump right into their 360° video editing work flow before ever spending a minute stitching their footage.

The extension is included in the latest update to Insta360 Stitcher, version 1.7.0, available for free download here, and is compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 and later. Be sure that you have Adobe Premiere Pro CC installed on your device before installing Insta360 Stitcher 1.7.0, as you'll be prompted to add the extension during the Stitcher installation process.

For info on installing and using the new extension, check out the video below.

As previously shared, the new extension works by generating a proxy version of the full-quality footage — a lower-resolution substitute that can be stitched in real-time for smooth playback and editing.

This approach offers numerous advantages:

Stitching time at the start of a project is greatly reduced — down to just whats necessary to generate the proxy video.

The software can perform smoothly during editing — without the processor-dragging challenge of navigating and displaying an 8K video file.

The video is only compressed a single time, during final export, ensuring maximum image quality. In a traditional workflow, there would be two compressions — one during initial stitching and one during final export.

Users can cut down the proxy version to exactly the parts that are necessary for their project. In the end, only the footage thats used is stitched, avoiding any wasted time spent stitching footage that doesnt made the final cut.

For optimal performance of the new extension, Insta360 recommends a computer with the following specs:

CPU: i7 6700K or higher RAM: 8GB or higher Graphics card: GTX980 or a higher-performing NVIDIA or AMD card Hard drive: SSD recommended Operating system: Windows 8.1, MacOS 10.10, or higher

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HI,  Is this working yet?


@Insta360_Support Installed the latest versions of Insta 360 Studio and Stitcher, and they/one of them causes Premiere Pro to crash, but just on one of my systems! It's an old but upgraded 12 core Mac Pro Classic running Mojave with 64 gb ram, Radeon RX 590 and all SSD's. Not the fastest one there is but it works fine with Stitcher and studio standalone applications. Any Ideas why, or if there is any workarounds? Plugin works wiyhout issues on my MBP (i9/32/4gb Radeon 560X), but I cannot leave that one crunching during the nights 🙂 

Note (Couldnt find this info anywhere)
I found that exept the Insta360-folders in Application Support ▸ ⁨Adobe⁩ ▸ CEP ▸ ⁨Extensions I had to remove the Insta360ProImporterBundle from Application Support⁩ ▸ ⁨Adobe⁩ ▸ ⁨Common⁩ ▸ ⁨Plug-ins⁩ ▸ ⁨7.0⁩ ▸ MediaCore to get Premiere Pro running again

@insta360_support The camera is the Insta360 pro,the video files are monoscopic 8k, Premiere CC2018 run with admin privilege.

The files were on an external drive, copied from the in-camera memory card. I will test the import again, after I will copy a test VID folder on my local SSD.


Hi there, may we know whether the file is complete? Since I don't know what's the resolution of the video and the model of your camera, I can't tell what file contains in the folder, please send us a screenshot about the folder for the further checking.

In addition, do the VID files be saved in an external driver? If so, please try to copy the files to the computer local driver, then import it again.

Meanwhile, please try to run the Premiere Pro with the administrator privilege.

Hello. I have just updated to the latest version of the Instastitcher, also installed the no-stitch extension for Premiere, but I can't seem to be able to import the VID files.

I go to "window>extensions" and select the insta360 Pro Importer, I select "monoscopic" from the dropdown menu, click on import then browse via "this PC" to the folder with the video files, I select the folder and nothing happens. It does not show any videos in the importer window, nor does it import any of the files to Premiere.

Any ideea what I could do to fix this?


Sorry for the inconvenience, we've forwarded this issue to our R&d team, and we'll try our best to improve the plugin performance on Premiere Pro.

I too was afflicted by the Mac Premiere bug. Using most recent versions of all software. Premiere Pro became unusable. I had to uninstall the sofware and manually remove all plugins to get my system to work correctly again, even on non-360 projects.

@insta360_support Hey. I found version 1.7n on my own and use that from now on. Works pretty well with premiere cc19.


1. Since the Premiere is encoding and decoding six original 4k videos, there is lag generated when editing the project. We are finding some way to optimize the lag. Sorry for the inconvenience.

2. After the fail of exporting, can you find a log.txt file from the D directory? If so, you can send that log file to us for the further checking, maybe send to the chat here or our service email: In addition, please try to clear media cache or re-install the Premiere to see if it works.

3. Please try to run the Premiere with administrators privilege when the other users on your computer.

Hi there Insta.

I have a 360pro2 and have been stitching the the raw footage to ProresHQ before editing in Premiere which has been working a treat... however the files are huge!!

The No-Stitch workflow sounds amazing but I have been having so many issues with the plugin its not funny anymore and has wasted alot of my time, I still want to proceed with this workflow if you have a solution for my issues so I ask please help with the below.

1. Poor performance

- I have a 32 Core Threadripper with an RTX 2080Ti and 64g RAM and still I get poor major lag.

- The lag is very minimal when I launch Premiere however the longer I use it in one session, the worse the lag becomes so please consider this note as it may be a key to the issue..?

- It Starts off with smooth working environment then after maybe 5 minutes I will have a 1 second lag constantly about every 5-10 seconds.... then this works up to a 5 second lag in every 10 seconds (this is maybe about 30 mins of working in one session).

- I am not just talking about a playback lag either, the whole of adobe premiere pro is lagging even when not playing back... Not Fun...

2. Error Compiling Media

- Please see the below error messages when I try to export, I simply cannot export my production at all...

3. Other users on the Computer cannot use the Importer

- Im not sure why this is an issue but the other users on my computer cannot seem to import footage to premiere using the plugin, what even more weird is that creating proxies on the imported media take 3 times longer on a different computer user account than my account (the one I used to install premiere on). However everything else on premiere works fine on the other accounts that doesn't rely on the plugin.

I do Hope you can help me with this as one of my projects consists of about 1TB with the workable files and it simply isn't viable to store all this.

Thank you for a great camera, I hope you can fix these issues.




If you will, please try on this version:

Please send us the crash report and the plugin log file, here is the path of the log file: 

Mac: Docements\insta360\insta360 stitcher\log

@otuominen_80086 And i guess this version would be 1.7 Insta360Stitcher_Mac_1.7 because I remember at launch this used to work.

@insta360_support And my sticher version is 2.5.1 and I tried to install all the way to 2.4 but it did not work either. Could you please provide the version that actually worked, so we could download that again?

@insta360_support Hello! This problem is still currently crashing both premiere cc18 and 19. I need to delete your bundle to get them working. The problem is, then I cannot use my 360footage, without pre-stiching. Would not like to go back on this old workflow.

I am on a Mac Pro High Sierra with a AMD RX580 GPU. This used to work fine... I can send the crash report via e-mail if you want.


Hi there, what's the Stitcher version? Please try to update the Stitcher to the latest version 2.5.0 and check the plug-in. If the plug-in still make the Premiere jammed, 

please delete ProImporterCEP folder for uninstalling the plugin, here is some information for you to find the folder:

Sorry for the inconvenience, we will give feedback to our team for locating the issue. In addition, as an alternative method, please stitch the video on the Stitcher at first, and import the video into the Premiere to edit it, in this case, create a proxy media may let the workflow smoother as well.

@insta360 This plug-in is a disaster. Three of our machines 2 high end PC's and a powerful Mac Pro have all had Premiere totally jammed by this plugin. It wasn'y until we tried on a machine without the plugin that we realized this was the reason.

Every click leads to an 15-30 second lag where nothing happens. Never had a workflow this slow. Funny enough this so called fast workflow that was advertised for Insta360 pro2 was the reason we chose the camera instead of a Kandao Obsidian. 

I hope you fix the plug-in or remove it. Please make an anouncement when it works. This has lowered my trust in this brand. So much time has been wasted because of this.


We checked our email and received the email from you, will reply on you soon.


The email comes back as undelivered.  Is that the correct email address for support?


I sent an email to support.

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