Adobe Premiere Pro “No-Stitch” Editing Extension Available Now for Insta360 Pro Users

Not working for me unfortunately. I've followed the video instructions very carefully, step-by-step. Perhaps not compatible with Premiere CC 2018? I'm currently using Premiere Pro CC 2018 version 12.11

@anneliene_boom_79974  Hi, did you happen to have installed plugin for Insta360 One? (because you mentioned insv file and it's a file format for one), please check the link and install the latest stitcher

If it doesn't help, please share a screenshot, thanks!

Excited to optimize our workflow here. Though for some reason after installing the plugin, I can only import the footage as seperate MP4's. I've read online that I should look for the INSV-file, yet I can't find that one yet. Maybe I overlooked a step during the installation process. Are there some instructions on how to get started with the plugin? 

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