Adobe Premiere Pro “No-Stitch” Editing Extension Available Now for Insta360 Pro Users


I will clarify:
- Installation of the plug-in is fine.

- Opening of Premiere and loading a project is fine.

- I can even import Insta360 Pro footage using the No Stitch plug-in fine.

- However, having the plug-in installed causes Premiere to have very high latency with user interaction. The program does not technically crash. Instead, it can take 10 to 45 seconds to respond to a command. That can be anything from changing my position on the timeline, to clicking "File" menu to save. Everything happens several seconds after I click it.
Please Note: This happens even when I am NOT working with Insta360 Footage. So, this still happens even when I am working with a basic HD video project.

- Everything returns to optimal performance if I remove the ProImporterCEP folder as instructed below in this forum. 

- What is interesting, is that I can still edit Insta360 Pro footage after it has been imported. So, my current workaround is to import all the Insta360 Pro footage using the No Stitch plug-in, and then delete the plug in.

My system is a Windows 10 Pro 64bit, Intel Core i9-7980XE (18-core), with 32 GB RAM, GTX1080 graphics card, and RAID SSD hard drives. I keep system monitors on screen and I can see that no single resource is being maxed out. 

We are also excited about this feature, but we are also having very poor performance. The footage won't play in the sequence (originals are 6K stereoscopic). We're editing on latest generation iMac Pros as well as highly spec'd 2017 MacBook pro. We would love the ability to make persistent proxies that are similar but put very little demand on the processor. Also, we only shoot stereoscopic, so the ability to make mono proxies from stereo footage to speed up footage review and rendering would be a big help! Note that we also have had a weird anomaly where the audio got really strange half way through the proxies in the Premiere timeline sequence. I'd be happy  to share media and Premiere project to help troubleshoot, or screenshare.


1. pr might be slower because it will allocate resourse to the plugin todecode the materia;

2. can we know more about the problem? does it mean the premiere doesn't response to open or just doesn't respond to editing?

Hello, I have a big VR project to edit and am trying to decide whether I use the Insta360Pro "No Stitch" extension. 

I have tried using it twice, and my edit system has become unresponsive both times. I have followed these posted directions to remove the plug in which gets Premiere running properly again. However, the obviously problem is that I must go back to stitching the footage.

So, my questions is this:

1) Is this a universal problem? Meaning... does the Insta360 No Stitch plug in cause all installations of Adobe Premiere to slow down? Or, does it depend on the hardware? Is it worth me trying another computer?

2) Do you have an expected revision to the software that will fix this problem?

I am using a Windows computer, completely updated, and with specs that would not be responsible for slowing anything down (eg. Slow drives or processor).

@insta360_support Hi Insta360 Support! Thanks a lot for replying. I'm wondering, is there any way not to make it a 'quick proxy' but a solid proxy that might take longer to produce, but does gives us a smooth playback? I rather have to wait a little longer and have a useful proxy file, than this super fast 'solution' that is impossible to edit with. Is this an option maybe we can choose? So ones that do want a quick proxy that is RTP on the spot, and others that don't want RTP but a solid proxy to work with? When can we expect changes you think? Really wanting this plugin to work, because it's amazing and it would save tons of workflow issues! So thanks a lot for this new development!

@jan-raiber_10460 Hi Jan, can we arrange our engineer to provide remote assistance and check what's going on? we'll send you an email (to the address that you used to register the account here) to check your available time, thanks for your eedback nd support all the time!

@insta360_support Hi, sorry for my late reply, i was shooting all the time. You asked: Hi Jan, we just tested adobe CC 2018 again, and it's working well, did you happen to stored all the contents on the SSD so while you unplug the SSD, "quick-proxi" files went missing?

No, the "quick-proxi" files are located in the Premiere -Project Folder (which is on the system-drive in this case). And they where gone, even if all media-drives are still attached. Just by closing Premiere and reopen it.

Thanks for your business,


@erik_7183 @jan-raiber_10460 

Fast proxy is real-time optical flow stitching, so it is very resource-intensive and might be slow. We have being trying to make it smoother.

@brandon  @DanielHillier 

For the run script error, we have sent emails to your registered email and we'd like to make an appointement to do remote assistance to check what's going on, please check and reply the email for the appointment, thanks!


Please delete ProImporterCEP folder for uninstalling the plugin, here is some information for you to find the folder

We were extremely excited for this plug-in for our 360 work, but it's done nothing but make our system run slow.   Need information on how to uninstall this Plug In Asap... We have deadlines and need to move on until this is more fine tuned.

After installing the plugin, it worked great for a day. Then upon closing and restarting my mac laptop, I get the following run script errors....every ten seconds. It has made premiere unsuable even after uninstalling and reinstalling; starting blank projects; opening projects that did work prior to installing your plugin; nothing makes a difference. PLEASE tell me how to uninstall this plugin. I can't find it in mediacore or any kind of uninstall documentation on your website. ASAP.

@Insta360_Support Could you please reply. I see more people are facing the same problem. Everybody is super excited for the plugin (it would safe us not hours but days of stitching and tons of data storage), but it's video playback is very lacking. Especially on Mac. Can we expect any change soon because this way the plugin isn't solving any problems for us while everybody is so excited for it to work! Please keep us posted..!

I followed all the steps, seemed to be working perfectly and was really excited to see the result. After stitching I got the jumpiest bit of video that I've ever seen so was somewhat disappointed, any idea what went wrong?

Premiere Pro CC 2018 on i7 PC

Hi Insta360!

I was so much looking forward to this feature! This would make the Insta360 Pro a must have for HQ 360 video productions again, amazing! Of course I jumped right into it, but I totally agree with Jan Raiber, it doesn't work well yet for Mac(book) Pro users. I work on the fastest MacBook Pro at the moment, and I was amazed how easy and fast the plugin works. The playback of the proxy though glitches within the first second and gets only worse and worse. When I make proxies of my own (proress) it works perfectly fine. I think the codec of the proxy you're offering isn't working well for Mac users unfortunately. I'm so sorry, because again, I was very excited for this plugin to come! It is impossible to edit this footage when it's not running smoothly. 

Really looking forward to the update where the proxy codec is optimised for Mac users as well. Please let me know, when can we expect this? 

Keep up the good work..!



@jan-raiber_10460 Hi Jan, we just tested adobe CC 2018 again, and it's working well, did you happen to stored all the contents on the SSD so while you unplug the SSD, "quick-proxi" files went missing?

@danielhillier  we are checking with our team to see what's going on, will provide feedback as soon as possible.

@sir-rick  can you please describe what error/problem did you meet while using it? 

Hi, Would love to get this working as it would save so much time. 

Get this error when I try to import a folder with any videos taken from my Insta360 Pro. Premiere Version 12.1.1

Hi, the Plugin is working with adobe CC 2018 on Mac Sierra. But if I save the Project and open it up later, all the "quick-proxi" files are gone.

Am I doing something wrong?

There are two things, which i can do.

Working without Proxies - very very slow

Import all the files again, than relink to the new proxies until they are gone for the next time.

The third thing i ditn't try is to backup these "quick-proxy" files and copy them into the pro-import plugin folder of the current project before open it.

An additional comment. My machine is not able to play the quick-proxies fluently. (8kstereo h264 is no problem, because it is a fast machine) Does it relay on cuda, which is not support by the stitcher? (on Macs)

May it be possible to implement a setting for the stitch-quality of those proxies? That we can choose a lower resolution and a simpler algorithm (template based).

Thank you for this great invention!


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