Adobe Premiere Pro “No-Stitch” Editing Extension Available Now for Insta360 Pro Users


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My main issue is that the Stitcher Plugin for Premiere will not work at all.


I can select CUDU but it does not work.   CPU works very very slow and OPEN CL works but is slow as well.  AUTO and CUDA do not work.


Hi, could you select the CUDA option in the Blender Type?

I have a brand new PC with i9 7940x 14 core with 128 GB Ram and Nvidia GTX 2080 Ti.  The stitcher will not work on this system.  Any suggestions?

@rainer-edler_137250 @production_107120 

Hi there, is there any error message when the Premiere crashes? Please provide us the sceenshot. Is there a stitcher removed? The plugin need the stitcher running even if you don't use the Stithcer.

Also, please try to run the Premiere as an administrator to see if it helps.

@production_107120 hey ... same problem here.. so much troubles with that "NOT" working plugin! How could you release such a horrible plugin? best..

Hi there,

I just downloaded and installed the Adobe Premiere Pro CC extension and now Premiere keeps on crashing on launch. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, used the cleaner tool, deleted the plug in and tried previous versions. The problem remains. I am currently unable to use Premiere.

Can you please let me know how to procede here?

Thank you!

@steve_9381 Hi Steve, don't know if this is too late or if you've already figured this out, but it's not in your user Library, it's in the root Library of your hard drive. Took me days and many reinstalls of Premiere and Insta360 stitcher to figure that one out. But it solved it instantly. There have been two new updates to Insta360 Stitcher since I had this problem, neither of which solved the plug-in issue (at least on my mac pro). New one just came out—going to give it a shot. Good luck!

Oh my lord. My Premiere has been so slow it's been unusable.  THANK YOU for suggesting I remove the plugin. It fixed the problem immediately. While I'm sorry that the plugin doesn't really work for me, I"m ecstatic that I can use Premiere again. I hope you get the plugin fully figured out soon as I love my Insta360 Pro.

@insta360_support I really don't think I have deleted it, as when I open Premiere and then open the Stitcher Importer it still works.

It isn't in the path you've listed. When I search for this text string it doesn't find anything. But it still loads in Premiere, and Premiere is still slow and laggy.

Any other ideas where it might be so I don't have to do a completely new Adobe install?


Hi there, please don't delete the other folders. If you downloaded the plugin, there should be a folder named "ProImporterCEP" in /Library/Application Support/Adobe/CEP/Extensions. And if you can't find it, I believe you already deleted it.

@insta360_support  Hi,

The Importer is great. It is a wonderful idea.

 But as others have said it just ruins Premiere for editing - my system becomes slow and laggy. Something is really wrong.

I need to delete it. When I go to /Library/Application Support/Adobe/CEP/Extensions there are two folders



But nothing that looks like "ProImporterCEP"

I'm on a Mac, High Sierra 10.13.6. Latest version of Premiere CC.

Please help! If I can't get this deleted I'm just going to wipe the machine and start fresh but that would be such a waste of time.

Just a heads up that this is very slow for me, even on a brand new MacBook Pro with 32 GB of RAM. Playback in Adobe Premiere, even at 1/16 quality, is still not smooth.

@chrisizzleThankyoou!!! I have had the same problem , so annoying!!! 

@chrisizzle Yup. Having this plugin installed on my system lagged my premiere even on non 360 projects. I had to reinstall my whole system in order to correct the problem, which nearly led to a client not having their project.


I will clarify:
- Installation of the plug-in is fine.

- Opening of Premiere and loading a project is fine.

- I can even import Insta360 Pro footage using the No Stitch plug-in fine.

- However, having the plug-in installed causes Premiere to have very high latency with user interaction. The program does not technically crash. Instead, it can take 10 to 45 seconds to respond to a command. That can be anything from changing my position on the timeline, to clicking "File" menu to save. Everything happens several seconds after I click it.
Please Note: This happens even when I am NOT working with Insta360 Footage. So, this still happens even when I am working with a basic HD video project.

- Everything returns to optimal performance if I remove the ProImporterCEP folder as instructed below in this forum. 

- What is interesting, is that I can still edit Insta360 Pro footage after it has been imported. So, my current workaround is to import all the Insta360 Pro footage using the No Stitch plug-in, and then delete the plug in.

My system is a Windows 10 Pro 64bit, Intel Core i9-7980XE (18-core), with 32 GB RAM, GTX1080 graphics card, and RAID SSD hard drives. I keep system monitors on screen and I can see that no single resource is being maxed out. 

We are also excited about this feature, but we are also having very poor performance. The footage won't play in the sequence (originals are 6K stereoscopic). We're editing on latest generation iMac Pros as well as highly spec'd 2017 MacBook pro. We would love the ability to make persistent proxies that are similar but put very little demand on the processor. Also, we only shoot stereoscopic, so the ability to make mono proxies from stereo footage to speed up footage review and rendering would be a big help! Note that we also have had a weird anomaly where the audio got really strange half way through the proxies in the Premiere timeline sequence. I'd be happy  to share media and Premiere project to help troubleshoot, or screenshare.


1. pr might be slower because it will allocate resourse to the plugin todecode the materia;

2. can we know more about the problem? does it mean the premiere doesn't response to open or just doesn't respond to editing?

Hello, I have a big VR project to edit and am trying to decide whether I use the Insta360Pro "No Stitch" extension. 

I have tried using it twice, and my edit system has become unresponsive both times. I have followed these posted directions to remove the plug in which gets Premiere running properly again. However, the obviously problem is that I must go back to stitching the footage.

So, my questions is this:

1) Is this a universal problem? Meaning... does the Insta360 No Stitch plug in cause all installations of Adobe Premiere to slow down? Or, does it depend on the hardware? Is it worth me trying another computer?

2) Do you have an expected revision to the software that will fix this problem?

I am using a Windows computer, completely updated, and with specs that would not be responsible for slowing anything down (eg. Slow drives or processor).

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