Pro iOS/Android 1.2.0 

1. Adds a new function allowing users to save shooting settings as templates.

2. When disconnecting the control app from the Pro, users can now choose to turn off the camera at the same time.

3. Optimizes full-screen preview mode.

Details of feature updates:

I. A function named Photo Template is newly added to 1.2.0 APP. After the camera is connected, go to the shooting interface in the APP. The entrance of “Templates” is at bottom right. Click it to create a template and save parameters of the current photo mode as a template.

After the newly created parameter template is named and saved, it allows quick setting of the parameter of the new template for next photo taking.

“Save photo parameters to customization option” is relocated at the right of Parameter Template. Click the icon of “Send to the camera” and a message will pop up for the user to confirm whether or not to save photo parameters to the customization option in camera.

If the user wants to revise a parameter of any template, the template can only be revised when it’s in active mode. If any parameter is revised, a “Save” button will appear under the activated template at bottom right. Click “Save” to finish the revision.

Please note, the parameter template is valid only to current photo mode. Once photo mode is switched (e.g., from photo mode to video mode or live mode), or the user exits and re-enters into the photo interface, the template at right bottom will show “un-selected”. To reset parameter template is only to turn it into “un-selected”, the setting won’t change.

II. When the user wants to disconnect the APP from camera, the user can select “Disconnect and power off the camera”. If the user wants to disconnect when the camera is in video mode, the user can select “Stop recording and disconnect” before switching off the camera.













III. Full-Screen Preview is optimized and some bugs are fixed.