【2018.4.4】3D- 4K- Hong Kong Day Tour 

Wind blows, wave breaks.(at seaside)

Waterfall will never stop falling water.(at waterfall insude a park)

Meet memories when he starts singing.

Stop by this Harbor and you will find out the secret of this city.(at Victoria Harbor)

【2017.11.18】3D- 4K - How I crossed Tibet by car

The Tibet Autonomous Region, referred to as “Tibetan”, is known as Tibet. It is located in the southwest corner of China and the capital is Lhasa. It is one of the five ethnic minority autonomous regions in China.

【2017.11.17】3D- 4K - Yunnan Honghe Tour

Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture is located in the southeastern part of Yunnan Province, China, with Kunming in the north, Wenshan in the east, Yuxi in the west, and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in the south. The Tropic of Cancer runs through the east and west. Honghe is the fourth largest economy in Yunnan Province. 

【2017.9.10】3D- 4K - Magical Hot Air Balloon Ride

The world's top aerial panoramic team AirPano uses Insta360 Pro, an 8K-3D VR panoramic camera  to show you an exotic hot air balloon tours.

【2017.8.29】3D- 4K- A Day at HongKong Disneyland Park

Hong Kong Disneyland is a theme park which integrates California Disneyland and other Disneyland features. Hong Kong Disneyland includes seven theme areas: Fantasy World, Tomorrowland, Adventureland, Anti-Rifle Casing Base Camp, Grizzly Valley, American Town, and Blurred Manor. Donald Duck will appear in the 3D Mickey Fantasia. Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy will also come to meet you at the dream garden. If you want to meet with Disney friends at one time, pay attention to the grand scene of the Disney Flying Parade. What's more, you are likely to admire the Broadway songs and dances of the Mickey Gold Medal. The starry fireworks show in the evening is also unmissable.

【2017.8.23】3D- 4K- Luxury Tour of Premium Four Seasons Hotel

【2017.8.9】3D- 4K- Tour in Amusement Park- Changlong Halloween

Open the Halloween video and feel a group of zombies around you!

【2017.7.15】3D- 4K- North American International Auto Show

The North American International Automobile Exhibition is an annual international automotive exhibition. In addition to being one of the top five auto shows in the world, it is also the largest international auto show in North America. It is held annually at the Cobo Center in Detroit in January.

【2017.7.8】3D-4K- Kai Qin & Zi He at Wyndham Grand Xian South Hotel in Xi'an

Appreciate the original videos from Kai Qin and Zi He. Hope they will have a happy ending.

【2017.7.3】3D- 4K- China's Suning Stake in Inter Milan

Suning has always been committed to learning and introducing Italy’s advanced football culture and integrating it into China’s own characteristics. Advanced football management concepts, a scientific training system, and a long-term youth training echelon are many European footballs including Inter Milan. 

【2017.7.20】3D- 4K- A Dress Rehearsal For Stankovic Cup

The Stankovic Cup will be held in Shenzhen Baoan Stadium from July 19th to July 23rd. The Chinese Basketball Association will send a red team led by Li Nan to the game. The other three teams are German, Croatia and Egyptian team.