Pro Firmware v206 Updates info

Insta360 Pro firmware version 206 has released following updates:

  • Improves image quality.
  • Optimizes the effect of shooting Timelapse
  • Fixes the issue that camera screen occasionally stuck during recording.


Improves Image Quality:

Unlike the previous firmware 204, this new firmware 206 improves scenes under overexposure.  For example, in the photo shot by firmware 204, the sky looks like a whole blank area. In another photo shot by 206, you can see that the overexposure has been diminished without affecting details.  

Under indoor light source, the overexposure area has been improved by 206, allowing the color to be more natural.


After zooming in the image, the over-sharpening that occurred in previous firmware has been improved in version 206. 

  For pictures shot during nighttime, 204 will show fuchsia and lose certain details in dark place; now, this new 206 has fixed these issues.

Unlike 204, 206 makes color more natural and keeps more real details in Flat color video. Flat color of previous firmware sometimes shows mass of color under certain conditions, but this problem has been fixed in 206. Below is the contrast of firmware 204 and 206.

You will see better effect when working with LUT. You can download LUT from here:

You can visit this post to learn more information about what changes firmware 20X make different than 165(166) :

Optimizes the effect when shooting Timelapse videos:

When shooting Timelapse videos with previous firmware, you may encounter the issue of significant exposure difference between continuous pictures. Even though this new firmware has improved the issue, certain exposure differences still exist. We suggest that you can use third-party software such as LRTimelapse to diminish the flickers.

Fixes the issue that camera screen occasionally stuck during recording:

When recording long-time videos with previous firmware, you may encounter 450 error or issue of stuck screen.  Now this issue has been successfully solved by firmware 206.





please shoot with burst mode, and later stitch 12K, there is no option to shoot 12K directly 🙂

Where does the 12K still capture feature went?

@insta360 where can i download 206? i only find 165  as stable and 204 as Beta ?

Still seeing the purple blotches when grading the flat image (used the 1.1.0 LUT), but it is for sure reduced, would like to see them gone altogether because dynamic range seems so much better when shooting flat, but need to not have to deal with the color blotches in post each time as that is a pain...   Also, my 128g card is now not passing a speed test or formatting properly (64g work fine) it worked fine last week prior to upgrade.   Wifi drops out intermittently (feels like more than it did prior to update)   On the bright side, the excessive banding that was happening in the sky is seems to be improved for flat as well 🙂 

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