Zenith Optimization

To correct the image with stitching gap in the top, you can use the zenith optimization function during preview in Stitcher.

To explain in details, this is a new function added to Stitcher.

When previewing the outcome stitching effect, you can turn on the zenith optimization function to optimize the stitching effect in the top. This is especially useful for images with obvious stitching gap in the top.

Let's take a look at the effect:

Before optimization:

After optimization: 

@insta360_32753 bottom stitching optimization is different from zenith optimization, currently there is no bottom stitching optimization but we are studying this function and maybe it will be available in the future.

This seems to work reasonably well but I can't find the equivalent function for fixing the same issue beneath the camera (Nadir?). As the Zenith option was fairly hidden in the preview window, perhaps the Nadir option is elsewhere? Please can you advise where the button to fix this is, or how I go about it if no button exists for beneath the camera / bottom of the 360 image? Thanks in advance.

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