Optical Flow Interpolation Tutorials

Video frame rate adjustment and optical flow interpolation

Previously, exported videos retains its original framerate, and does not allow any manual framerate changes in the Insta360 Stitcher. For example, a video shot with 8K at 30fps must be exported as 30fps. If framerate changes were needed, users were required to use third-party software to process. Now insta360 Stitcher supports videos being exported with the desired framerate.

We have provided a "output framerate" option for optical flow interpolation, which allows the framerate to be increased by two times during video export. For an example, a 120fps video can be exported as a 240fps video, while 60fps can be exported as a 30fps video as well.


The following is a video tutorial giving you a detailed instructions on how to use optical flow interpolation.

Please feel free to contact our services and sales if there are any problems.

The fullscreen option of youtube is disabled in safari 😞

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