Stitcher 1.3.0 has updated the following functions, the Beta version is now available to all:

List of Updated Functions  

1. Function of exporting super high resolution photos added, it can stitch multiple burst photos into one with 4-pixel resolution.

2. Add the function of adjusting frame rate of export videos, which includes optical flow interpolation, exporting 30fps video with frame rate increased by two times.

3. Add the top stitching optimization function when preview the stitching effect.

4. Support uploading content to Google street view.

5. Add Stitching Box function, which can connect to the camera via "camera stitching". It uses camera firmware to stitch the content exported (this function needs to be supported by firmware v200, please wait for the firmware update).

6. Improved stitching performance. 

The above functions are still under test. If there are any suggestions or responses about bugs, please feel free to contact us via or share your opinions by visiting

1.   Stitch a super resolution photo with a set of burst photos

The Insta360 Pro can now produce 12K images using the burst function in 8K resolution. This function was developed to enhance the quality of still shooting. For best results, please use this function in a setting where movement is limited. This will diminish the possibility of moving objects creating undesirable stitching effects or shadows. 


(1) Import a series of still burst photos into Insta360 Stitcher. The "Super Resolution" option will appear in the sidebar on the right

(2) A "Super resolution setting" window will pop up. This function requires a valid value of 5 to 10 in order to stitch the photo together. If the setting does not produce the desired image resolution, feel free to modify the value for better results. This will reduce the dissimilarities between the images shot in burst mode.

 (3) Save the intended value in "super resolution setting". Create a task to export (original photos being the 8K bursts), and one 12K resolution photo will be produced.

Compared to the 8K original image on the left, the 12K super resolution image on the right show details with greater sharpness. This viewing perspective is close to that users see in headset.

With the image enlarged and the resolution boost, the 8K image on the left appear the mosaic phenomenon, while the 12K super resolution image on the right still retains clear with sharpness despite being zoomed in.

Tips: To attain the best super resolution image results, please make sure photos be taken in stationary. The more static the camera stays during shooting, the more clear the image will be. It has been proved that photo shot in an environment with minimal interruptive movement will achieve great image quality.

2. Video frame rate adjustment and optical flow interpolation

Previously, exported videos retains its original framerate, and does not allow any manual framerate changes in the Insta360 Stitcher. For example, a video shot with 8K at 30fps must be exported as 30fps. If framerate changes were needed, users were required to use third-party software to process. Now insta360 Stitcher supports videos being exported with the desired framerate.

We have provided a "output framerate" option for optical flow interpolation, which allows the framerate to be increased by two times during video export. For an example, a 120fps video can be exported as a 240fps video, while 60fps can be exported as a 30fps video as well.

3.   Realize zenith optimization during preview

New zenith optimization function added to Stitcher during preview:

When previewing the outcome stitching effect, the user can turn on the zenith optimization function to optimize the stitching effect of the top, which is especially useful to correct the image with stitching gap in the top.

 Before optimization

 After optimization

4.   Upload content to Google Street View?

Please refer to to learn about how to use Pro and GPS to shoot and upload content that meets Google's requirement.

Make sure you have done the following preparation work:

(1) The content you shoot must contain GPS information.

(2) Panoramic picture requires 3840x1920 resolution or above, with a ratio of 2 to 1

(3) Panoramic video requires 3840x1920 resolution or above, with a ratio of 2 to 1. The video cannot be divided into segments (before shooting the "Video Seg" of the camera is set to "Off") and it does not allow gyroscopic correction by Stitcher.

(4) It is recommended to make videos with the resolution of Pro 8k@5fps, the videos of which will be processed by Google in order and turned into pictures of street view.

Select "File" at the top of Stitcher to upload content to Google Street View. Log in your Google Street View account and choose content that meets the requirement to upload. After uploaded successfully, please wait for Google server to process and later display in the Google Street View App.


5. Stitching Box

   This function needs to connect Stitcher to insta360 Pro. The camera will stitch the tasks and save them to SD card once completed, which will not affect computer's performance.

(1) Please connect the camera in Stitcher under the "stitching box" panel.

(2) After successfully connection, files from the camera's SD/USB hard drive will be shown. Add files to the list to be stitched. The stitching will be completed within Insta360 Pro hardware, which will not occupy space or affect computer's performance.

(3) Stitching Box (stitching within camera) now only supports fundamental functions including stitching of photos (except for Raw) and videos. Other functions such as optical flow interpolation and super resolution can now be used only on the computer via stitching software. These new functions will gradually be added to Stitching Box through future updates.